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Why choose G-R for your Zimbra training?

Gestion-Ressources is the only Zimbra Gold VAR and certified training partner in Canada.

Training given by professionals

Zimbra requires specific expertise. Gestion-Ressources' trainers have all completed the Zimbra administration certification. Moreover they are engaged in Zimbra projects so they can link the pratical side with the theoretical one.

Learning environment

We provide specific training for your company or personal needs. All our training sessions are individual training courses for one student or a small group of student from the same company. We adapt the course and our teaching to your knowledge and your needs.

Proven expertise

Since 2007, G-R is a Zimbra Partner and a build through the years an unique expertise in Zimbra Collaboration. G-R is today the only Gold and Training Partner of Zimbra in Canada.


We offer Zimbra training onsite, in our office in Montréal, QC and online through Webex.


2,800 CAD + taxes
Travel expenses have to be added for onsite training.

This is an in-depth, 3-day, hands-on session that covers everything you need to know about installing, managing, and maintaining your Zimbra Collaboration deployment. This course covers basic administration plus the advanced administration functions and configuration of a multi-node Zimbra Collaboration architecture.
Administrator Course Plan

These courses are designed to teach Zimbra Tier 1 Helpdesk Agents how to use and support users of messaging clients with Zimbra Collaboration accounts and Zimbra Web Client. Agents will also learn common problems encountered by Zimbra end-users and how to resolve those problems.
Helpdesk Messaging Clients Course Plan
Helpdesk Web Client Course Plan

This 3-hours course is designed to teach advanced users all Zimbra features to be able to answer end-users questions and to train them.

About Us

G-R provides IT services since 1995. Our expertise in open collaboration technologies allow us to assist our clients all along their project, from the analysis to the production and to ensure the maintenance and support of their systems.