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Data migration

Zimbra offers a large number of migration wizards. Here are the following steps for the Zimbra migration:

  • Zimbra configuration : Configuration and testing for sample accounts
  • Migration configuration : Splitdomain or proxy mail setup, implementation of the migration tools
  • Provisioning : LDAP or AD sync, users provisioning, provisioning validation, roles configuration
  • Validation : Supplier validation, customer validation before switching to the new solution
  • Transition : DNS changes, user access changes
  • Migration : user data migration (mails, calendars, repository, etc.), system data migration (distribution lists, aliases)
  • Validation : of the data migration and mail routing
  • Automatisms : automatic LDAP or AD sync activation, backup scripts activation
  • Validation : Validation of the client's migration

No interruption of services during the migration.

The SplitDomain manages emails routing toward the legacy mail server or Zimbra depending on the location of the user's account.

  • An email arrives and is taken care of by the Splitdomain mechanism on the Zimbra server
  • If the user exists on the Zimbra server, the email is delivered
  • If the user does not exist on the Zimbra server, the email is routed toward the legacy mail server
  • If the account is in the migration process, Zimbra Mail Queue stocks messages until the end of the migration

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