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Zimbra hosted solution: GRmail is a logical response to challenges IT managers are facing nowadays.
As a Zimbra Gold partner G-R is fit to tackle these challenges and ensure a 99.9% SLA guarenteed.

When you choose GRmail:

  • Your data is secured
  • Complete Turnkey service
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Fully managed backups can be restored up to 2 weeks for each account
  • 2nd level support included
  • Dedicated web administration interface for managing accounts and domains
  • SSL security certificates included and unlimited (on request)
  • Security updates included
  • Antispam and antivirus included
  • Infrastructure with Service Level Guarantee (SLA) of 99.999% for network and power supply
  • Service Level Guarantee (SLA) for the 99.9% email service (excluding scheduled and advertised maintenance
  • Servers are located in Montreal area
  • You have no material maintenance costs

Our Offer


Key Benefits

Flexible deployment No material maintenance.
ZCS features Complete user features.
Roles for administrators.
Technical support 24/7 support center.
Deployment control Deployment managed by experts.
Users are managed by the client.
Services offered for data migration.
Customization You can change themes and colours.
Open API.
Use your own domain name.
Administration Backup and data storage
User management and provisioning
Pricing Monthly (50 box and up) and annual rates.

User features

Description Included (Yes/No)
Email (personal and shared) Yes
Calendars (personal and shared) Yes
Contacts (personal and shared) Yes
Documents (personal and shared) Yes
Zimlets Optional

Technical features

Description Included (Yes/No)
ActiveSync Yes
iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile sync Yes
Apple iSync Yes
Zimbra Outlook Connector - ZOC Yes
24/7 support center access (for 2 admins) Yes
99.9% High Availability Yes
Integrated Anti-virus and Anti-spam Yes
Daily backups Yes
Monitoring with Zabbix Yes
Blackberry Sync Optional
External LDAP or AD integration Optional
Data migration Optional
HTTPS secured communication Yes


Gestion-Ressources is the only Zimbra Gold VAR and certified training partner in Canada.

Training given by professionals

Zimbra requires specific expertise. Gestion-Ressources' trainers have all completed the Zimbra administration certification. Moreover they are engaged in Zimbra projects so they can link the pratical side with the theoretical one.

Official training documentation
As a Zimbra certified training partner we provide official training documentation.

Learning environment
We provide specific training for your company or personal needs. All our training sessions are individual training courses for one student or a small group of student from the same company. We adapt the course and our teaching to your knowledge and your needs. We are also able to offer exercises based on your on your actual challenges and issues.


We provide training onsite, in our office in Montréal, Québec, Canada or online through Webex.

Online & In our office: 2,800 CAD + Taxes

Contact us to schedule your training now!


Options are available to our clients. However an analysis is needed for each of them prior to sending a proposal.


Whilst Zimbra provides a full suite of collaboration applications, integration with third party collaboration systems is possible via Zimbra's Zimlet technology.

Zimlets are a mechanism for integrating the Zimbra Collaboration Suite with third party information systems and content as well as creating "mash-up" user interfaces within the Zimbra suite itself. Zimlets save end users time by condensing common tasks, which typically force them to open multiple applications, into simple contextual ones within ZCS web client. Zimlets essentially encapsulate three things:

  • Richly-interactive user interface in the browser: With technologies like AJAX, web user interfaces can be every bit as rich as that of traditional client/server applications, but at the same time still have the look, feel, behaviour, and zero client administration of the World-Wide Web;
  • XML-based web services: Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) based on XML/web service end-points allows Internet data and services (maps, stock quotes, weather, flight status, etc.) and intranet data and services (enterprise applications such as CRM, ERP, etc.) to be securely accessed from other applications and systems;
  • Mash-ups: mash-ups are the aggregation and customization of multiple web user interfaces and web services to eliminate context switching between existing systems or deliver complete new experiences.

Contact us for a quote.

Mobile Sync.

Mobile devices can automatically synchronize:

  • messages;
  • agendas;
  • contacts.

Synchronizations are proactive and performed in real time mode called "push" for terminals that support it. In case of loss the terminals can be locked from the synchronization, or even emptied remotely depending on the model.

The technical prerequisites are:

  • Subscription standard DATA (20 MB is sufficient for a month of traffic).

Contact us for a quote.

Connection with an external LDAP or Active Directory

Zimbra may by default connect to an Active Directory server to be provisioned with accounts. However, it does not automatically update. We install hence specific scripts for the automatic provisioning from Active Directory or OpenLDAP instead, specify the automatic refresh intervals, and specify settings related to your operation.

Details of the synchronization directory with Zimbra.

We intend to use the IDs from your directory to synchronize:

  • users;
  • groups;
  • profiles;
  • rights.

This will allow a constant consistency between the repository and Zimbra. For example:

  • group "management" has a higher mail quota;
  • people in the group "mobile" can synchronize their mobile devices.
  • Authentication
  • In terms of authentication, Zimbra authenticates the accounts directly from Active Directory (or another directory service), if configured. Otherwise, Zimbra integrated OpenLDAP service is used for authentication
  • Contact us for a quote.

Data migration

Zimbra offers a large number of migration wizards. Here are the following steps for the Zimbra migration :

  • Zimbra configuration : Configuration and testing for sample accounts;
  • Migration configuration : Splitdomain or proxy mail setup, implementation of the migration tools;
  • Provisioning : LDAP or AD sync, users provisioning, provisioning validation, roles configuration;
  • Validation : Supplier validation, customer validation before switching to the new solution;
  • Transition : DNS changes, user access changes;
  • Migration : user data migration (mails, calendars, repository, etc.), system data migration (distribution lists, aliases);
  • Validation : of the data migration and mail routing;
  • Automatisms : automatic LDAP or AD sync activation, backup scripts activation;
  • Validation : Validation of the client's migration.

No interruption of services during the migration

The SplitDomain manages emails routing toward the legacy mail server or Zimbra depending on the location of the user's account.

An email arrives and is taken care of by the Splitdomain mechanism on the Zimbra server;

  • If the user exists on the Zimbra server, the email is delivered;
  • If the user does not exist on the Zimbra server, the email is routed toward the legacy mail server;
  • If the account is in the migration process, Zimbra Mail Queue stocks messages until the end of the migration.

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About Us

G-R provides IT services since 1995. Our expertise in open collaboration technologies allow us to assist our clients all along their project, from the analysis to the production and to ensure the maintenance and support of their systems.