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Technical Support

By getting in touch with our support services, you benefit from a high level of expertise in the management of your IT resources.  Contact Gestion-Ressources.


Gestion-Ressources Customer Support Tools

Telephone Support

Gestion-Ressources' technical support team is available by telephone at the following number +1 888-288-7448 ext. 29 during normal business hours Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 18:00 pm Eastern Time, excluding Canadian holidays. Gestion-Ressources' Zimbra technical support team can be reach outside business hours if the client needs 24/7 support.

Support incident platform

Gestion-Ressources is committed to resolving customer problems quickly and professionally. Customers will be able to submit incidents through Gestion-Ressources' support incident platform.

  • Every service request is logged into the Gestion-Ressources support system and is accessible to designated technical support team members.

  • Response Times

Response times depends on the degree of urgency of the request. Gestion-Ressources relies on five categories:

  • Production system outage (60 minutes during business hours and 240 minutes outside business hours);

  • Major functionality not working with no work-around (120 minutes during business hours and 240 minutes outside business hours) ;

  • Major functionality bug with workaround (within the next two business days) ;

  • Minor issues and functionality (within the next two business days) ;

  • Enhancements, General questions (within the next two business days).


Updates and Upgrades

Gestion-Ressources' update and upgrade process consist in two major steps:

  • Once an editor anounces the release of a new software version, Gestion-Ressources tests it for two weeks.

  • If the new version is stable, Gestion-Ressources will apply it to its cusrtomer's installation.